Rowaida Abdelaziz photo

Rowaida Abdelaziz
Journalist at Huffpost

Rowaida Abdelaziz is a journalist at Huffpost, where she focuses on reporting on social justices issues within the Muslim community. Abdelaziz spearheads the coverage of Islamophobia and the rising anti-Muslim sentiment across the U.S at Huffpost. Her goal is to provide guidance for diverse coverage of the Muslim community in mainstream media as a young hijab-wearing woman in the newsroom. Last year, Abdelaziz was a lead reporter for the Islamophobia Tracker, a project that documented the anti-Muslim rhetoric that spiked across the U.S. She also launched HuffPost’s Tomorrow Inshallah, a community Facebook page that targets and amplifies Muslim voices and perspectives.

Fluent in Arabic, Abdelaziz has also written numerous world news stories including the refugee crises in Syria, Yemen and other parts of the Arab world. In her free time, Abdelaziz loves to spend time with family and friends over a good cup of coffee.