Toshia Shaw was like an ordinary girl, until one night, her life completely changed. She was stopped in a parking lot outside of a club and later forced into sex slavery. Toshia’s story explains her life as a human trafficking victim, but more importantly, she talks about her life after.

As a survivor of the traumatic events that happened to her, her outlook on life became the opposite of normal. She had to learn how to live, love, and trust all over again. Her confidence and self-assuredness were stripped from her in an instant, and she would have to find her way back to herself. 

For a few weeks, she stayed home and questioned her existence, until one night when she realized she needed to start to get her life back and fight back. She began volunteering her time at a charity, fund raised and donated thousands of dollars, and continued to give more of herself, but it wasn’t enough. She had a calling and she wanted to pursue it.

In 2010, Toshia founded a non-profit organization called Purple W.I.N.G.S Organization for at-risk girls who had lived through and experienced similar traumas to those Toshia faced. When she was finally able to honor and respect herself enough to share her story, she found peace in what happened to her and where her life was heading. 

Now Toshia offers her time as a life-coach, teaches classes, writes books and provides holistic healing mentorship.