Past Mark Leadership Conference Main Stage Speakers

Tamika D. Mallory

National Co-chair for the Women’s March


Fraidy Reiss

Founder and Executive Director of Unchained At Last



Josh Rossi

Commercial Photographers and Viral Philanthropist

Rowaida Abdelaziz

Journalist at Huffpost

Patrice Banks

Former Auto Airhead and Founder of Girls Auto Clinic

Lexi & Alyse Scaffidi

Creators of BiteSizedFitness & The Body Confident VS Fashion Show

Nyle DiMarco

Winner of America’s Next Top Model and Disability Rights Activist


Griffin Matthews and Matt Gould

Creators of Invisible Thread



Dan Parris & David Peterka

Traveling Documentarians

Kimberly A. Brown

Founder of

Ms. Iana J. Daniels

An active duty Major in the U.S. Army who breaks the stigma of mental health

Monti Washington

Author and Motivational Speaker

Jonah Evans

Executive Producer of Dear World


Jacy Good & Steve Johnson

Founders of Hang Up & Drive



Michael Kimmel

Distinguished Professor & Executive Director, Stony Brook University’s Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities

Yasmine Mustafa


Theresa Flores

Human Trafficking Survivor, Best Selling Author,

and Victims’ Advocate

Nicole Roundy

Paralympian and 21x World Cup Medalist


Rudy Francisco

Professional Spoken Word Poet


Laurie Hernandez

Gold Medalist & Olympic Artistic Gymnast



Geena Rocero

Model, Producer, Trans Rights Activist, Founder of Gender Proud

Kyle MacDonald

Author of one Red Paperclip & Blogger

Kofi Genfi

Playwright and Artist

Matt Pittman

Producer of Youtube’s
Soulpancake Channel


Amanda Ebokosia

Forbes Magazine
“Millennial on a Mission”
Founder & CEO of
The Gem Project, Inc.


Leah Gunn Garrett

Executive Director
New Yorkers Against
Gun Violence (NYAGV)



Kate Sweeney

Senior Vice President at
Morgan Stanley

Kacy Catanzaro

American Gymnast &
American Ninja Warrior

Sean Forbes

Hip-Hop Artist


Careens Lissaint

International Award Winning
Poet, Singer, and Actor

Sir Jose Bright

Founder of
Teboho Trust



Dr. Wise Young

World’s Leading Neuroscientist


Ella Watson-Stryker

2014 Time’s
Person of the Year
& Health Promoter for
Doctors Without Borders


John Dau

“Lost Boy” of Sudan
& Genocide Survivor


Timothy Harris

Owner of
Tim’s Place Restaurant
& Founder of
Tim’s Big Heart Foundation


Alex Sheen

Founder of
Because I Said I Would


Ron Clark

Founder of the
Ron Clark Academy
Best-Selling Author


Ruha Benjamin

Professor of
Sociology &
African Studies
at Princeton University


Maysoon Zayid

Actress, Comedian, &
inspirational TED Speaker
with Cerebral Palsy


Rachel Turkel

Program Manager for
Unite For Sight


Jaclyn Friedman

Top Selling Author, Performer,
and Rape Activist


Pen Farthing

2014 CNN Hero of the Year



William Yosses

Former Executive Pastry Chef
for the White House


Tyson Wooters

Motivational Speaker,
and Former Mascot for
University of Oregon


Rosemarie Ruglio

Senior Vice President of
Curriculum & Content
for Sesame Street
Rutgers Alumni


Stephen Shedletzky

Purpose Consultant from
Simon Sinek’s Start
With Why Team


Mark Travis Rivera

Activist, Choreographer,
and Founder of
Marked Dance Project


Shaifali Puri

Executive Director of
Global Innovation
at Nike Foundation



Gene Muller

Founder and President of
Flying Fish Brewery


Tom Krieglstein

Entrepreneur and Co-founder of
Swift Kick



Cierra Jones

Winner of
Miss New Jersey 2014



Molly Barker

Founder of
Girls on the Run



Cathy Bao Bean

Global Multicultural Educator
Comedian and Author of
“The Chopsticks-Fork Principle”


Laverne Cox

Transgender Advocate and
Critically Acclaimed Actress



Frank Warren

Creator of the
Post Secret Project


Marc Elliot

Motivational Speaker



Jen Braverman

Artist, Activist, Author,
and Educator


Dr. Anisa Ismail

L’Oreal USA Women in
Science Fellowship Recipient
at Princeton University 


Gabriel Hurley

Speaker on Consequences
of Reckless Driving


Lauren Slowik

Designer Evangelist for
Education at
& Founder of



Dr. Zee Madueke

International Educator
Professor and Practitioner of
Management, Leadership
and Organizational Dynamics


Kern Beare

Director of Communications
and Enrollment Management


Corin Blanchard

Program Manager



Patty Webster

CNN Hero of the Year
and President of
Amazon’s Promise


Mike Bernstein

Director of Youtube’s
Soulpancake Channel



Julian Huguet

Host of Youtube’s
Soulpancake Channel