Jose Bright

Founder of Teboho Trust in South Africa –

Sir Jose Bright has relocated back to the USA, after living and working on the African continent for the last 20 years and has joined the Georgia Center for Nonprofits as a Senior Consultant. His consulting work has taken him to provide technical support to all levels of government in South Africa, regional organizations like the Southern African Development Community and the Media Institute of Southern Africa as well as continental organizations such as: the Pan African Parliament, the African Capacity Development Foundation, the NEPAD and the African Lawyers Without Borders. Due to his consulting work with national and provincial departments of education, in 2001 Sir Bright founded Teboho Trust – a highly successful and sought after people-centered supplemental educational platform for orphan and vulnerable children (OVC) and adolescents as well as a small business development / incubation component for the caregivers of the OVCs in Soweto, South Africa. He was a mentor for the Allen Gray Orbis Foundation’s Entrepreneurial Program and was a fellow in the Gordon Institute of Business Science ImagiNation program for senior leaders in the private, public and nonprofit sectors. Sir Bright is a Knight of Honor in the Orthodox Order of St. John Russian Grand Priory – the oldest Christian humanitarian order in the world dating back to 1046AD, which is under the spiritual protection of the Russian Orthodox Churches and the imperial protection of the Royal House of Romanov.